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Dr, Francis R. Palmer

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Recently voted "One of the World’s Best" Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
"Internationally renowned facial Plastic Surgeon"- "Who not only puts shape back in a woman’s face by subtly sculpting the facial skeletal structure, he also creates a beautiful neck, for so long a standard of feminine beauty"- "One of the leading American Plastic Surgeons"


"One of America’s most famous plastic surgeons"-"Pioneering of Facial Contouring"- "Hollywood’s feted plastic surgeon"- "Palmer is used to his clients responding to him with pride, gratitude, and openness"

-New Zealand Woman.

"These are halcyon days for plastic surgeon Francis Palmer"- "Dr. Palmer’s prize technique is facial contouring"- "It’s not just faces that Dr. Palmer can transform"-"Surgeon with delicate hands and a blue-eyed, soothing, bedside manner is famed for performing miracles on aging bodies"- "Dr. Palmer’s office has the air of a shrine, hushed, clean and hopeful"

-London Daily Express.

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