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Dr, Francis R. Palmer

How to choose your Plastic Surgeon

Recently voted "One of the World’s Best" Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
Plastic surgery is the art of aesthetically enhancing the physical form. When properly performed, it can dramatically improve one’s appearance, restoring natural and youthful beauty.

The skilled plastic surgeon can help you achieve the look you’ve always desired through a combination of sound aesthetic judgement and surgical expertise that’s taken years to cull. Quality plastic surgery is "invisible"-it helps you look younger and more attractive, without appearing obvious or artificial. However, aesthetic vision and surgical skill vary among surgeons-so be sure that you are in the hands of a surgeon that is aesthetically gifted, highly competent and extremely well experienced.

Follow these four simple-common sense steps when selecting your plastic surgeon.

#1. First and foremost, listen to the aesthetic judgement of the surgeon. Does it sound like something that would enhance your appearance? Proper beauty aesthetics are easy to comprehend when properly explained. If it sounds reasonable to you, then proceed to step two. If it doesn’t sound right to you…..get another opinion. There is simply no substitute for sound aesthetic judgement!

#2. Ask yourself if the surgeon has the experience to do what he/she is suggesting. Don’t be afraid to ask the surgeon-"how many times have you performed this procedure?" Most important of all-be sure to see real before and after photographs of patients who have undergone the same procedure. Do not settle for computer simulations! The computer will not be altering your looks----the surgeon will! This is extremely important because, there is no substitute for experience! If you are satisfied, then proceed to step three-if you are not sure, then get another opinion!

The figure above is a statistical representation of ability. Plastic Surgeon’s talents-like height, weight, I.Q., income and just about everything in this world can be distributed under a Bell-Shaped Curve. This is a statistical fact! We believe that Dr. Palmer, Recently voted "One of the World’s Best" Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons by an international magazine-would be well positioned under the Bell Shaped Curve!

#3. Once the first two steps have been met, you can factor in the price. Prior to this you’re not certain which procedure is right for you-therefore the price should be irrelevant. Step three is a point where you can be fairly comfortable with the level of surgical competence and overall satisfaction, so you may want to compare costs. Minor differences in costs may reflect such things as, how much of the finishing stitches does the surgeon do-or does the assistant complete this portion of the procedure. How well are the incisions hidden and how often will you have follow-up visits with the surgeon. There are reasons for price differences-be sure that you understand exactly what you are/are not getting! You may opt to pay the higher price for more personalized care! You can continue on to the fourth and final step.

This is more of an intuitive step than the previous three. Here you may want to factor in variables like the board certification of the surgeon. Does he/she carry an impressive reputation in the community or carry a university teaching affiliation? How do you feel about the surgeon and the office staff? Follow your gut instincts-----they will serve you well!


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