Your personal consultation with Dr. Palmer is extremely important. It’s also very exciting! This is your opportunity to tell Dr. Palmer about your beauty wishes, goals and desires. He, in turn, can explain his unique ground breaking principles of beauty aesthetics. Dr. Palmer’s beauty principles and their resultant trademarked surgical techniques have earned him worldwide acclaim. Recently recognized, by an international publication, as "One of the World’s Best" Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons-Dr. Palmer has been able to define beauty, and he knows how to help you improve yours. Whether you have a specific area in mind or questions about how aging has affected your looks-You’ll want to know your best options for achieving a more youthful vibrant appearance. Consider Dr. Palmer your personal beauty advisor-one who councils you, guiding you along the most appropriate aesthetic pathway towards your ultimate goal of natural beauty enhancement. " My goal, as your plastic surgeon, is to assist you in making the correct aesthetic choices in order to enhance your beauty in a natural and youthful manner."

" As you look into my three-way mirror, I will show you the changes that I feel are the most beneficial in your particular situation. This should give you a complete understanding of what I have in mind."

"Inspired plastic surgery is not cook book-the same technique can not be applied to everyone." Dr. Palmer’s goal, during your consultation, is to formulate a personalized plan based on sound beauty aesthetics that will enhance your appearance in a natural and youthful manner. "Plastic surgery is capable of wondrous things as long as the proper aesthetics are applied. Sound aesthetic judgement is the engine that drives the natural enhancement of beauty."

Why not let Dr. Palmer reveal your hidden beauty potential?